Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another project.

The first crochet work is done. Although not as neat or nice as it should be, but I'm quite happy.

I just started on the second project. Sure does need a lot more patience. I've made mistakes and I had to unravel the yarn and redo the stitches plenty of times. It is all so frustrating when you just miss one or two stitches, and even you have done so many after it, you have to start back all over again to where you first made the mistake.

But my spirit hasn't been defeated just yet. :D So I'm crocheting on. Hopefully to finish it within a week or so.


Shinky, mama of 2 Princess said...

cukup berseni, tangan shinky kalau pasal benda benda cam ni, kira, KERAStangan lah.

btw, give my kiss to Bonnie, and big hug to you...miss u both a lot

comey_lote said...


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