Thursday, December 10, 2009

At home baby.

Bonnie hasn't been going to the kindergarten since Tuesday. She was a little feverish on Tuesday morning that we decided to let her stay home. But then, even after the fever had long gone, she's still coughing and runny nosed. Flu comes and go rather frequently ever since she go to kindergarten. So we've decided to let her stay at home till she fully recovers.

Here, once you feel the child is fine you still have to see the doctor to get a letter to confirm that she is fit to go to kindergarten. Not only for her but for the other childrens' sakes as well. I don't know about other kindergartens, but this is how it is done with Bonnie's kindy.

Don't really look forward to visiting the doctor. Well, I feel like even waiting to be called in the waiting room can be health hazard. You go there with just a mild flu, but having to wait in a room full of sick kids, you never know what other more serious virus you may contract. Further, though the doctor and assistants are friendly but Bonnie seems to dislike lying down on the exam table. So plain white, unfriendly and cold. Should have something friendlier like the one below.

Pediatric exam table at

I think pediatrician offices should have more children friendly furniture and equipments. I suppose then even Bonnie wouldn't mind to lie down on the exam table to be examined.

I just hope she will fully recover soon.


comey_lote said...

get well soon bonnie dearie!!!
aaa...chum!aunty ida pun x berapa sihat :-(

si Dyah said...

Poor baby...get well soon dear!

Kindergarten is the most likely place where kids catch all sorts of germs and illnesses. Whatever precautionary measures the school is taking. Kids will always share foods, toys, stories and ...germs too!

Lucky me...I have no problem bringing Aqila to doctor whenever he is sick, but the damage (to my wallet) afterward is always hard to bear :-\

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