Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bits and pieces.

My husband negotiated with his boss yesterday and he finally got what he wanted. 3 days a week working away from the office. So today he worked from home. It's nice to have him around and also that I can cook lunch in the afternoon and don't have to cook his lunch in the evenings for him to take the next day.

Bonnie went to the circus today. A field trip at the kindergarten. She seemed happy talking about the experience. So I went to pick her up a bit later than usual thinking that they would be back at the kindy later. Arrived there and saw that her friends were all asleep and there she was sitting quietly with her little plush rabbit.

My sewing guide book arrived in the mail yesterday morning. I am happy with the book so far. I consider it as an early Christmas present for myself. :) The book is thick, big and informative as a guidebook should be.

I got a few yards of tulle for making Bonnie's tutu for her birthday as well. Already have a picture of how the tutu may look like in my head. Thought of making it as a surprise so won't be making it when she's around. (^_^)

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