Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blue mood festivity.

My husband is at a Christmas party at his workplace right now. I bet he'd be really tired when he comes back. We spent most of the day out doing a little last minute shopping. There were so many people in both Tesco, Interspar and Jateksziget (toy island)- a local toy store. Sent and collected Bonnie from the kindergarten. It's her last day in kindy for this year, by the way. Had lunch at home then went to his mom's place to send some things and went to the party straight away.

I feel like the Christmas wouldn't be as exciting as last year. My father in law is in the hospital right now. Had difficulty in breathing at first, then thrombosis, after that a mild heart stroke. Will undergo another surgery to widen the veins so he won't be back for Christmas.It's hard to say on how well he'd take this second surgery within 3 months. :( We all hope the best though.

Tomorrow would be the last day for my husband to do his Christmas shopping. He is yet to buy a surprise Christmas gift for me. Although we already bought some things that the other wants and know what we would be getting, we each need to buy another surprise gift. It's a challenge in a way for the both of us, to get something that the other would really like. I got his weeks ago, made sure it's something that he wanted. As for him, it's always hard to figure out what I'd like to have. He said so himself. Isn't that a tragedy when your spouse of over 5 years and friend for 11 years doesn't know what you are into?? LOL Though I have already hinted to him of what I may like to have:Precor elliptical,whole collection of Ghibli studio's anime set, or a bottle of my favourite perfume - Shiseido zen. Still cannot figure?? Well, I don't really blame him, he has other important things in his mind - work.

Well, I know it may sound a little selfish or childish to only think about what present we going to get, but in times like this, with love one being sick, the weather being cold and depressing, we all needed a little bit of cheering up.

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comey_lote said...

org lelaki nih mmg tak faham ke atau buat2 tak faham eh...hihihih
sbb tu kalau ada teringin apa, ida tulis kat blog..i..dia baca then dia tau la...

lepas tu dia beli, konon surprise..pdhal dia tak tau yg ida tulis kat sini memang nk suh dia belikan akakakakak

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