Saturday, December 26, 2009

Karácsony 2009.

This years tree.

We had a simple Christmas dinner on Christmas eve with my mother-in-law. Had the traditional 'Fisherman's soup' - this year we just bought ready made since nobody wanted to prepare it this year. But it was really as good as a home made soup.

Walked to grandma's place. Mommy and bz.

Pressies under the tree.

Later, we exchanged gifts. My mother in law was really happy with her gifts. We got her a watch and a handphone. I gave my husband a shaver, a book, and Cashflow egame ( my mystery gift for him- glad he likes it). Bonnie got toys and books. As for myself I got a sewing machine, 3 books, and the mystery gifts - Artdeco cosmetic set, and Shiseido Zen Ltd ed perfume. Oh yeah, and a special beads necklace made by Bonnie. (with the help of her grandma)

I only just learnt how to thread the machine, but I've already had my first sewing orders. :P My mother-in-law would like me to hem her trousers. Don't mind though, at least I'm of service to her since she helps us a lot with taking care of Bonnie.

We went back home at about 8 pm.


On Christmas day, my husband's aunt, Győrgy came to visit in the morning. She was looking great. Even at 68 she looked as if she was 50. I can only hope that I'll look as good as she at her age.

She came all the way from Balaton to visit friends and family in Budapest. When my husband first told me that she was coming, my first thought was, "o oh... here comes my Hungarian language test...". But my worry was needless, she told that she's glad that my Hungarian has improved and she understands how hard it can be for me to learn the language on my own. (Heh, I did put extra effort on learning the language)

For about 2 1/2 hours she spent time with us, exchanging news (and gossips :P). When she left to visit her good friend, we went to my mil's place again. This time to celebrate with my brother in law and his family.

Nephew playing the guitar for us.

The brother in law came with his 4 children. The wife, not feeling like herself, stayed at home with the 5th child, the baby. The place, with 5 children (5 including Bonnie), was havoc. Running, playing, arguing... Boy, I'm glad we only have one child. Even made me re-think the idea of having another one. It is not easy to have many kids, but I think having a big family is nice too. Especially when you are old and all your grown up kids can gather and meet in occasions such as this.


Now, we will only have to go and celebrate with the father in law (my husband's real dad) with his family on the 28th. That will bring a close for the Christmas celebrations with family. Then it would be New Year meeting at my mom-in-law's place.


comey_lote said...

nice eh, getting together with family in festive season like this...
hope ur fil will get well soon!

Ayulittleone said...

So many gifts, Syari :p The only Christmas party we had this year was held by Zsolt's office. Even then only Adam got a present lol. Maybe next year we can celebrate it. Ikea was selling live trees, so we could buy one of those :)

si Dyah said...

Wow...a sewing machine as a christmas gift and you already have an order! haha...master sewing and using the machine Syari, who knows you might get extra income from it! LOL

Happy New Year to you too! The count down went rather well on your side ya? On mine.. i fell asleep in front of TV around midnight and missed most of the live fireworks show from MArina BAy shown on TV (phew...fortunately it was only on TV hehehe)

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