Saturday, December 05, 2009

Nice to be a kid.

It is nice to be a child around this time of the year - near Christmas. They get more gifts, surprises and chocolates. :) Santa Claus came to see Bonnie twice yesterday. Once in the kindergarten and the next at her daddy's workplace - the boss did a small party to celebrate the children of all employees (including hers) of the company. So Bonnie (and the other children) had an abundant of chocolates all for herself.

Further now that it is already December, she gets to eat one or two chocolates a day when she opens the windows of her adventi calendars, every morning.

A countdown calendar to Christmas day filled with chocolates. When we didn't have Bonnie, her daddy used to buy for me. LOL Now no more for me, but for Bonnie. Gosh, the disadvantages of having kids. ;P

At least until Christmas I can use this particular trick to make her do things.

I : "Bonnie, do you know that Santa Claus has a naughty or nice list?"
Bonnie: "uh huh"
I : Well, if you are naughty Santa Claus will not come and give you Christmas presents this year.
Bonnie: " noooo... Bonnie good girl".
I : If you want to be in the nice list you'd better listen to what mommy says.
Bonnie: "okay mommy".

Well, for the moment she'd listen anyway, she needs to be reminded all the time. :) I use the 'naughty or nice' reason to make my life easier - like getting her to take her bath, or eat properly. LOL Doesn't work all the time but when it works, it was great. ha ha ha.

Speaking of Christmas, we still have things to buy. We started buying early actually, but we still haven't finished buying. Not much more but still have to buy. At least gifts for all the important people have been bought.For my mom in law, my husband and I both bought her a new watch. Still want to get another thing for her, though I still haven't figured out what. Browsing the Dolan Designs lighting site, I had the idea that perhaps a new pendant lighting would be a nice thing. She has an old one that I think really need to be replaced one of these days.

Bonnie will be getting a pink mp4 player with a built-in speaker so that she doesn't really need to use the earphones. Her daddy a new Phillips shaver. No surprise for him cause he chose it himself. I am thinking of getting something small that he wouldn't be expecting to get.

The others, we bought books and toys. Sure is fun shopping and wrapping the gifts. :)


comey_lote said...

makes me wanna eat chocolate sekarang jugakkk...nyum nyum nyumm

Syari said...

Gamaknya naik le berat badan akak, sebab tolong makan sama... hu hu hu

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