Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coffee dependant.

Haven't been sleeping well these past few weeks. Hard to get to sleep and hard to get up. In the mornings, without my cup of coffee first, I feel like a walking zombie. If this continues, soon I'd have to get myself a night wrinkle cream. As they say, if you don't get proper sleep, you'd wrinkle up like a prune faster. :)Perhaps I'm just drinking too much coffee in the day.

I really am coffee dependant. Minimum 3 cups a day. Is that bad? I get various opinions on this. My husband's been telling me to quit drinking coffee, not good for health he says. A friend told me it's good to drink coffee at least twice a day, as it contains anti-oxidants. You just cannot decide who to believe. Just like when you read articles regarding big breasted women being dumber than smaller breasted women. And not too long ago I read an article about how scientists found out that women with big breasts are actually smarter? Huh, all I can say is it's the brain that matters, because people don't think with their boobs. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. LOL

Anyway, going back to my love of drinking coffee. So I am not really sure why it's hard for me to sleep at nights despite how sleepy I felt. It's like when I lie down in bed, I feel sleepy, yet I feel like getting up and read or do somehting and my mind is racing thinking about all sorts of things that matters and don't matter.

 I just try to reduce my coffee intake a day and see.

Szép hétvégét kívánok! It means have a beautiful weekend!

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comey_lote said...

kalau ida, susah tido time nak datang bulan :-P

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