Saturday, January 02, 2010

First post of the year.

First and foremost.... Happy New Year everyone. :)

After Bonnie fell asleep, we spent the New Year's Eve watching about the luxurious hotels las vegas and later "Gladiator" on HBO(What better way to spend New Year's Eve?? :D ). Last year, on the the first day of the New Year we were greeted by snow, but this year it rained. But it didn't really matter for us since we spent most of the day staying at home. Accept that Bonnie and her daddy along with grandma and her 2 cousins went and paid a visit to the hospital to see my father-in-law later in the evening. I stayed back since there isn't any space in the car left.

Today, we will be visiting an uncle who is living at the Buda side of Budapest. Tomorrow the last day of holiday, and everything will go back to the normal routine on Monday. Bonnie goes to kindergarten and her daddy goes to work. And I? learn how to use the sewing machine. :D


comey_lote said...

haiiihh..kan best kalau duk dekat, boleh tolong jahitkan kaki seluar ida ni ha...hehehe

Syari said...

post arr... hehehe...

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