Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It came and it went.

It snowed all throughout Sunday night until the next day on Monday. So last night, after Mr. H came back from work, the three us went out to play with the sled. We only had a small slope at the nearby park that we go sledding. We had a small competition to see who can sled down the slope and go the farthest. Mr. H always win of course, since he sledded most of his childhood life. If not for Bonnie ending up crying and rumpling up our moods a little bit, it can be said that we had loads of fun. :)

But today, the snow all melted away leaving behind wet, muddy pavements to walk on. It was good while it lasted.

Anyhow, after doing a little bit ranting up on here regarding laptops sold here yesterday, I ordered a DeLL inspiron 1545 this morning. Wanted an Inspiron 1525 originally. Been eyeing it since last year after I saw some reviews on expotv.com - a cool website you should check out if you want to know about what is the best car to buy, the best weight loss product you can try out, or even about the new peanut butter brand you saw on your local supermarket shelf.

Will be here within a few days. About time too cause I don't like waiting for my turn to use the computer. :P


Ayu said...

Hey, nice looking gadget, Syari. How much was it there?

Syari said...

Got it cheap. 130 K Ft. Saved nearly 40 K Ft. :D Cause with windows 7 the price should be about 170 K ft. Will get the vat back so will save about 66 K Ft. :P

comey_lote said...

yeay cute!!

si Dyah said...

Hey...i think my hubby is using this maroon Thingy too. I said i think because we are vry possessive abt our 'play toy'...im not allowed to touch his dell, and the same goes for hi when it comes to my trusted Mac :D

It has very nice colour ya?...not familiar w windows 7 though..

Syari said...

Ida, yeay!!! juga. :) Kemana lama menghilang?

Syari said...

Dyah, even my husband is looking forward to the new laptop. So that I'd stop using his. LOL

Windows 7 just came out in oct last year. Don't know how I'd like it. Been using XP for so long.

comey_lote said...

ada je..cuma takde cerita baru..hahaha

Syari said...

Ingatkan gi jenjalan. :)

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