Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More choices... better?

It was yesterday afternoon, after I sent Bonnie to her grandma's place, that I decided to give my old computer a little bit of cleaning and see what was wrong with it. Mr. H, my husband, was working from home yesterday so he helped. It had been some time since I last cleaned the pc, so it was pretty dusty. After just cleaning it up, we plugged it in to see how it would work. It worked for a few minutes and it went dead and that was it. So that was the end of our nearly 7 year long relationship, my computer and I. I have to admit, I feel sad. I'm computerless.

At the moment I'm just using my husband's laptop to see what are the laptops or PC that I can get. Although, I already have in mind what I'd like to get but the choices are so many that it is just so mind boggling for someone who doesn't really know about technology. You have one laptop with the same name but there are many different processors to choose from, memories, etc. What is the difference between an intel dual core and a core 2 duo for example.... Is Intel better than an AMD?

I used to think that the more choices we have the better it is. But now it seems like the more choices we have the more headaches we get too... Well it is not like going out and check out contemporary coffee tables in a furniture shop and just point to the one that you like. I have to read and find out about the computer specs. *sigh*

It's okay though, have time. Maybe will get a new lappie next week or the week after.


Ayulittleone said...

Lol well at least you could buy a pink laptop now, Syari :p

About the dual core, I feel your pain lol. Zsolt once explained but I forgot :"> But AMD is cheaper than Intel, that I know. In Hungary we always used AMD and never had problem with it. But in Singapore, our laptop which had AMD died within a few months. It got overheated.

I guess you can consider AMD in Hungary since it's cold there.

Syari said...

Thanks for the bit of info Ayu. :) Well, yeah I'd buy a laptop sooner or later but didn't expect it to be this soon.

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