Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Aging computer.

I wanted to get myself a new laptop sometime ago, but decided against it since my computer was still working fine. Well, working fine up till now.My computer is slowly dying on me. It's going to be 7 years old this year. Rather old for a computer? It just crashes on me sometimes with the blue screen - which happens rather frequent nowadays, and also my keyboard wouldn't want to work - the computer couldn't detect the keyboard. I will have to restart the computer a few times to get it to detect the keyboard. If the keyboard is problematic, it wouldn't work at all right? I'm not sure though whether it really needs to be replaced or I just need to open the tower up and clean it a bit.

Getting a new pink laptop or one of those cute netbooks sounds tempting, but I still don't think I need to spend money unnecessarily if my computer would work just fine. I'll just clean the computer first and see whether that would help.


Ayulittleone said...

The same happened to our old computer as soon as we moved to Budapest, blue screen of death --like 5 years ago :p My, I feel so old.

Anyways, only a part needs to be changed, that's all and it should work fine :) You can take it to service, they should know what to do. For us, it was the video card.

That's the best thing about desktop. We could always change the faulty part instead of throwing the whole machine -- which is exactly what we have to do with laptop in similar cases.

Syari said...

Ayu, I suppose so. Even today, I had to restart it at least twice to get my keyboard to work.

Will get it serviced to see what's wrong with it.

comey_lote said...

netbook?tak best arrr...kecik sgt, tak puas browsing and blogging..hehehe
hubby ida beli satu masa balik msia aritu..tp kitorg beli pun for travel purpose...and kalau ada tetamu nak guna internet boleh la pakai...sbb desktop letak dlm master bedroom

Syari said...

Ida,kecik tapi comel le sangat dan ringan.Murah le pulak banding ngan laptop. Tp akak baru tau je dia takde dvd/cd drive le. Tak moh le beli gituh.

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