Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still here.

Mr. H went to work and Bonnie is spending the day at her grandma's place. So I have time to do things without any distractions. Multitasking - clean up, check email, bathe, have breakfast, browse for acne treatment for my sensitive skin, read online news , blogging while having another cup of coffee and later will cook something for lunch, read etc. Easy lifestyle, I know, but if you ask me, I'd like to go and work and be independent as well. Work is tiring and can be suck, but I think at the end of the day you will feel satisfied when you earn your own money and you feel secure about the future somehow.

I'm waiting for an outcome of a job proposal. Been waiting for weeks now. Getting the job right now would be great, but even if it didn't turn out the way I want it, it is still fine because I've already thought of what I want to do next. Never go without a backup plan. :) I'm still feeling positive about this year's prospects.


Ayu said...

Will you teach? :D All the best to you.

Back in Hungary, ppl always said I should teach English, since English literature was my major. Little did they know that it's completely different from linguistics ;)

My grammar sucks :p

Syari said...

I am teaching right now. But I will continue and since Bonnie is in kindy I can find more students. Just thought that if I look for a much formal job, at least that would look a lot better in my resume for future use.

I am a Law graduate. Nothing to do with English at all. I am not saying my grammar is first grade. We all make mistakes. Even native speakers make grammar mistakes at times. But the English teachers here are even worse, so for my students I am really a great help. So far the parents are happy. :)

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