Monday, January 18, 2010

Unwilling sucker.

Last week, the Budapest public transportation employees were on strike. For one whole week there were no bus and tranm services. Only today they were back on business. The bad thing, I could't go tutor last week. The good thing though there weren't so many people in Arkad yesterday when we went to check out some of the laptops, bought toilletries - moisturizer,zit cream - toy for Bonnie, fruits and veges.It usually would be crowded with people on a Sunday especially.

Looking at the available laptops, I wish I am staying in the UK or in my own country Malaysia. The laptops are way cheaper there. People say things are expensive because of the VAT here. But the UK also charges 20% VAT this year. Though  Hungary charges 5% more, the price of things are like 50% more expensive. Why is that??  Everywhere I checked here that sells the laptop that I want doesn't include windows. It's either with linux or dos. Who in the world still uses those operating systems? (unless they're geeks) Guess what? They are already 50 % more expensive than in the UK or in Malaysia, and you still have to pay 28000 ft ( 150 USD) if you want an original Windows 7 installed on it for you. In the UK and Malaysia the price is all inclusive of the original windows 7. No extra charge. Sad right? Feel like Hungary is a country runned by cutthroats. And we who are living in it are suckers whether we like it or not.

The huge price difference is not only limited to laptops and computers but to loads of other things. Things which I prefer to order from the UK and pay for the postage instead of buying from here. Even with postage I could get it way cheaper. For example like the tulle materials I bought to make Bonnie's tutu. For 2 metres of tulle I ordered I got it for about 1.60 USD. Here a shop selling 1 meter of the same material  for 6.40 USD. No joke. I pity those who can't order online.

So right now, even if I buy a laptop now I'd feel so cheated. It's like being robbed and you let them. Hmm, so what now? what to do? Get my husband's company to buy it (I pay of course), at least will get back the VAT.


Ayu said...

Does it have anything to do with EU's competition case?

A few years ago EU won the case against Microsoft. Before that, they sold the same computers there like anywhere else in the world--they came with Windows Media Player. But then EU said the media player should be sold differently, because Microsoft would kill other companies if the monopoly practice continued.

I didn't know that you've to buy Windows separately there, unless you want to upgrade.

Syari said...

Not all the laptops you have to buy windows separately. Only the one I wanted. Which is really sucks.

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