Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's in store.

Did an occasional check on the things we have in the store room. You really can find all sorts of things that you never thought you had. I found a plastic bag of my candle collection. I started the collection in Malaysia, but had stopped ever since I came here. There is an old water filter we had that we thought we might use again but we don't. Obsolete old thing? Nowadays you can even get a refrigerator that comes complete with a Refrigerator water filter. Also, there's a bag of Bonnie's baby clothes. Thought of getting rid of them, but when I saw how cute they are and how they reminded me of the little baby Bonnie, I changed my mind.

When I looked at Hammy, our hamster, I realise how similar we are. We are just hoarders. LOL While he hoardes food in his little house or under the pile of wood shavings, we hoarde junks that we thought we'd use again or love too much to throw despite them taking too much space. Can't help it you know... :)


comey_lote said...

ida paham hehehe..
tp kitorg tak byk brg dlm storage...sbb store room banyak kicik :-( so xleh la beli barang utk simpan (nk bawa balik)huhuhu
pastu ida terbalik lak..kalau akak tak perasan akak ada benda2 tu dlm store, tp ida rasa benda tu ada ida simpan dlm store room tp ida cari2, tak de!!!hahaha ...agaknya ida perasan dah beli tp padahal belum beli...hahahhaha

Syari said...

Akak ada gak yg perasan cam ada, tp takde. Yang tak agak nak ada, ada lah pulak. Store ni pun kecik je, tu sumbat memacam. Bila dah sumbat memacam tulah yg tak tau apa ada dalam tuh... kot kalau kat mesia, tikus beranak pinak pun tak tahu ahahahaha....

comey_lote said...

tu lah kan sini nasib baik laaaa tikus dan serangga dlm rumah tak da!!!!aman!!

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