Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Costume day.

So it was costume day today. When we arrived, the teachers were busy setting the tables while the children admiring each others' costumes. I thought we were the last one to reach there, but we weren't. Nearly all the girls were 'Tunder' or fairies, a few others princesses or queen. More variety from the boys side. There was a cowboy, a policeman, spiderman, a bear, a clown, pirate, a cow, a ladybird and a few others.

Now after sending Bonnie to the kindergarten this morning, I went to check out the Japanese language school. Little did I know that a 30 minutes journey would end up being nearly 1 1/2 hours.

I took the tram and got off nearby our place. Then walked some 200 meters to the bus-stop and got on a trolley bus (electric cable powered bus). After a few stops, and the bus entered the main road, the driver suddenly pulled over and parked the bus by the road side. There was a problem with the cables, so buses on that route couldn't operate. From then on I had to get off, get on, get off, and had to wait long periods of time for the buses to com. Travelling on public transportation can help you lose weigh faster than any diet supplements  can I think. LOL  I mean with all the the walking you'd have to do.

Now it is set that I'd go to the school again on Thursday to meet up with the teacher and maybe sit for a placement test.

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Dyah said...

Bonnie looks stunning in her costume. I bet the boys were dressed as either firefighters or policemen ;-)

And yes you are right about keeping slim and trim (hihihi) by always taking public transportation! One of the reason I am reluctant to drive here in this little country. The public transport system is fantastic...though the journey may take longer time than by car. But we can always arrange our schedule well... so we get to places on time, unless... there is this disruption like what happened to you! It is unfortunate lah! hehe

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