Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Japan Foundation

It was last week when I found out about the existence of the Japan Foundation in Budapest. The picture of the library looked so inviting on their website. So this morning, I decided to visit the place. To be honest I would not go out to the Budapest city center all by myself unless if I really have to. This is one of those 'have to' times.
Fortunately the Japan foundation isn't too far from my place. I took an underground train from Mexikoi Ut and got off at Oktagon. From there, I was lost. I needed to look for Aradi street. Checked on the map, which by the way, was a little hopeless cause I couldn't understand the map much. ahahaha. So I walked around looking for a street sign that would help. Later decided to just ask someone. So I scanned the place for victims. :P Then I saw a couple of ladies chit chatting. I started off saying 'excuse me'. The lady whom I spoke to immediately said, 'nem, nem' and shook her head while her friend moved a bit further away from me. LOL They looked as if they were afraid of me. Then I started to speak my broken Hungarian. 'Hol van a Aradi utca?'. Those were the magic words. Then the lady smiled and told me the direction, even the friend helped. Interesting eh? :)

With directions from the ladies, I found the place. It wasn't as big as I thought but that was fine as long as they have enough books to make me happy. I spent about an hour, scanning and reading some books there. So many Japanese Manga, dictionaries, magazines and educational books. Some in English, Japanese and Hungarian. There are also cds, dvds, and videos to listen to or watch there. I was allowed to borrow two books for two weeks, which I did. :) A new place for me to hang out at. :)

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