Monday, February 15, 2010


Tomorrow is 'Farsang' here in Hungary. It is like Halloween the Hungarian version, but it doesn't relate to ghouls or ghosts.It's the same like Halloween because it is the day when Hungarian school kids get to wear costumes. I need to prepare clothes for Bonnie. She definitely wanted to be a princess. Something that she wore for Christmas 2 years ago would be sufficient for a one day occassion right?

I told her daddy, maybe we can just cut two holes on a white bedsheet and just throw it over her and we'd have 'casper the friendly ghost'. LOL

Well, we'll see. :)

P/s: I was reading about a skin treatment product, youthology. They claim that their wrinkle removing serum is able to remove wrinkles in an instant and make users of the product look 10 years younger in just 90 seconds. Would you be able to believe such a claim? hmmm

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