Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still around to update.

Spring is suppose to be here some time end of March people say. I can't wait to put away the jackets. Further my skin is prone to get eczema flare up in winter. We have snow every other day nowadays. Few weeks back weather forecasters said that we were going to have this sort of cold weather for 2-3 weeks. So I am wondering whether it is going to be over soon.

I made an appointment for a haircut again today. Going to go trim my hair on Monday. But I haven't thought about the style that I'd go for. How about something like this?

Or should I just put the fate of my hair into the hands of my hairstylist and let her decide on what haircut that's suitable? Hmm....

Last week I found 2 language schools that offer Japanese language classes. One teaches in Hungarian while the other  uses English as a medium for teaching (not sure yet). I have only contacted the former. Will contact the latter on Monday. Though I am already leaning towards choosing the first school because it is nearer. I would only need to take one bus while the other I may need to take two. Further, even if it is in Hungarian, most of the materials used are in Japanese. And looking at it in a positive light, maybe I can even improve my Hungarian as well. Nevertheless, I would still have to go check out the school myself, perhaps next week, before I decide.

So, those are the things I'd have to do next week.


si Dyah said...


With the smashing look you have...any hairstyle would be suitable for you! :-D

Syari said...

Dyah, :">

gosh, if only I have smashing looks. Mirror smashing looks you mean?? LOL I know I'd look horrid with short curly hair. :)

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