Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just got up from a nap. (I know, lucky me, at least I can take naps when I feel like it) Felt really tired. Seems like everybody was feeling tired. Bonnie didn't want to go to kindergarten today because she said she was tired, few kids came in late looking fatigue a little as well this morning, the kindergarten teachers looked tired, even the hairstylist was complaining about tiredness a couple of days ago. Perhaps everybody just had enough of winter and need the sunshine badly. I need to get myself some special supplements too I think. I was reading about it just now, and I never considered that there are special vitamins for men and vitamins for women. Women's bodies have different needs than men's. That much I know definitely, but never crossed my mind to buy a different vitamin supplement for myself. My husband and I consume the same type of vitamins.

Oh well, I suppose tonight I'll go to bed early.


Ayu said...

So, how's your hair now? I'm thinking about going to a salon's been a year. I've been wanting to get volume rebonding at a Korean salon, since my hair is still falling. It's just that the price makes me think twice lol.

Syari said...

I did a Concave cut. Short at the back and long at the front. Looks good and easy to manage. :)

Ayu said...

Hey, I have the same right now :p

Syari said...

So you cut your hair short? Mine is real short. A concave bob.

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