Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Dear husband gave a bouquet of white flowers (don't really know what flower... lilies?)and a box of chocolates for both myself and Bonnie for 'Women's day'. Bonnie is the 'little woman' in the house. Although I don't really mind even if I didn't get any flowers ( I didn't even know it was Women's day) but it was really a sweet gesture.

I think people here are quite particular with this kind of celebration, honouring women. Both my mother in law and myself would get something for Mother's day. Back home in Malaysia, although Mother's day, Father's day, Women's day are getting celebrated more, but they are not something that everybody would bother to pay much attention to. After a few years of being here now, perhaps I too am becoming a little bit more particular about this sort of things. I usually only would give something to my mother-in-law for birthday or christmas, but I'm thinking of getting her a new set of Dolan Designs chandelier for her living room  or something from Ikea for Mother's day this year too. She has always been a great help with taking care of Bonnie.

I really does feel good to be appreciated.

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