Friday, March 26, 2010

Everyday randomness.

How do you like my toe socks? I think they look funny & cute (Funny and cuteness goes well together, doncha think so??). And comfy to wear too. Well, I'm not going to make an essay about my toe socks. But as the title of today's post suggests, it's about random things. :)

There will be another Japanese class this evening. We've just finished adjectives on Monday. I suppose today we will go into the -te form. I've learnt it myself so, it will be like a revision for me in the class. I wish we can go a bit faster but somehow I like this kind of pace. Because at least I can be well prepared.

As I will be going to class, Mr. H will go to a political meeting/event this evening, while Bonnie will be babysittered by her grandma (who else? :p).  Goodness, I really can't help feeling a little tickled at the thought of Mr.H being interested in politics. We nearly never talk about politics at home. We don't really have much faith in politicians. Most of them can promise the moon and stars to you when they want your votes yet when it comes to deliver the promises... Nada. Oh.. okay, maybe there are some genuine ones out there who are on the mission to bring up the peoples' living standards and are not corrupted. But as my old Law professor once told us in class, "Power is just like wine, the more you have it, the more intoxicated you get". Well,something like that. So they may all started with an honest vision to improve the country, but once they are up 'there' their vision got blurred by the power they possess. Don't you sometimes wish choosing a political party to vote for is as easy as finding an insurance on one of those online term life insurance quote websites?Just set the criteria that you need in a political party and click the search button. And a list of all the candidates with the criteria you specified are listed. :p Unfortunately, there isn't such websites. How would anyone choose a party to vote for when you find it hard to believe any of them? I know some people just don't vote at all. Though, once when I told a friend that I didn't vote when I was able to for the first time, she accused me of being an irresponsible citizen. 'ouch!'. (Well, what did she expect? I close my eyes, pick up my pen and slowly put the tip of my pen on the paper and see where it landed and choose that?? geez)  Anyhow, since he believes that this party may do a 'wee' bit of change to the country for the better, perhaps they are worthy of his support. Somehow. :)


si Dyah said... this blog talks about politics ya?
A topic that i purposely ignored.

You should go to Indonesia Syari,...everybody there talk about politics. It is common for us, peasants to talk about it at warung kopi/kopi tiam, while buying stuff from wet market, during chit chat with neighbours...anytime and anywhere.

I remember during my uni gang discuss about the political situation based on what we hear and read from the news. We were so into politics...and we were just a bunch of architecture students! What do we know about politics! LOL

But I think it is better to talk about it and try to get the grasp of it rather than being irresponsible citizen (according to your friend). it or is our country. I just dislike politicians, but somebody has to do the dirty job! hehehe

Good that your hubby still have faith in this political party! :-)

Syari said...

Dyah, maybe this is going to be my first and last post on politics. Ohhh.. it's the same here too. Some people would argue and don't see each other (family members) if they don't see eye to eye when it comes to politics. You should see the hot arguments my father in law and my mum in law would have when they talk about politics. LOL

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