Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last weekend activity.

On Saturday we went to see and help my father-in-law who is living in another part of Budapest. I don't even remember when was the last time we met them. Last Christmas maybe? Now that Spring is here and weather is good, so we took this opportunity to visit them.

We took the train there. It always remind me of KTM or Keretapi Tanah Melayu in Malaysia. Only that I think ours is somewhat cleaner with a less vandalisme (Well, cleaner as I remembered it, I don't know now though. I really cannot understand the mentality of some of these Hungarian kids who go around and destroy properties with their ugly graffitis.)

So we went there to not only meet them but also help with some garden work. Well, my husband at least. He needed to help his step mom to plough a plot so that she can do some vegetable gardening. While people were doing work, I can't just sit around can I? So I raked the garden. 

While Bonnie was on a hunt for snails. She is a lot like me, come to think of it, because when I was around that age I'd go around collecting snails and catch grasshoppers alone in the garden behind our house.

One of her snails had to pose for me.

Check out the 3 apples tree. I call it a 3 apple tree because it can produce three types of apples. Interesting right? The lower part produces apples that are available sometime in end of May or June. The middle branches would produce apples sometime in August. While the top branches would produces apples at the end of September or October. When I first heard about it, I was suprised a little, but I remembered the 'method' when you  can cut a branch from another tree and attach it to another tree and the brance will start growing. That was what my f.i.l did.

Anyway, many of the trees haven't come up with any leaves yet. But at least we can see wild flowers everywhere. :) I took more pictures than these about this and that. So the rest of the time while in the garden I was taking pictures. Good thing about digital cameras you don't have to worry about running out of film.

So I guess the next time we'll be there again is when the fruits are ready to be picked.

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