Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They really know how to get you hooked.

I joined Facebook quite sometime ago (a year or so??) but it was only recently that I started to become active on that social networking website. One reason it was because I found many of my friends through the site and secondly because of the online games they have there.

I didn't dare to try out Farmville because I was afraid that I might get hooked like most of my friends. But then, instead of Farmville I got hooked on Cafe World.

Yes, I am the proud owner of the small but sweet cafe in the above picture.  You wouldn't have to worry about pests in your kitchen, running out of fresh ingredients, don't have to check business insurance quote to insure your business from theft or disasters, most of all you don't even have to know how to cook! LOL  I'm the lady with the red hair. I would have a new hair colour every few days. The virtual world where anything is possible. :)

I've told myself, this is going to be the last online game (or any electronic game) I'd play. Just plain time wasting.


Anor@Nad said...

Welkam to de clubbbb .. best kan? hehehehe

si Dyah said...

Oh noo...not you too! Well as long as you are aware of the risks :-)

I am not and will never be interested in those virrual online games simply because of the same reason you mentioned...it is just wasting my precious and limited time! :-D

How are you Syari?

Syari said...

Kak nur, yup.. he he he...

Dyah, I'm doing fine thanks. :D Yeah, I try to limit myself going to facebook even. At least one good thing about this sort of real time online games, you can do other things while you play. You don't really have to sit down in front of the PC all the time to play.

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