Monday, March 15, 2010

Time to shop.

As far as I can remember, last year's winter ended pretty quickly. By this time last year, the trees started to grow leaves and everything started to turn green. As we thought that Winter is over earlier last week, it snowed for 2 days.Though the snow melted but the cold lingers. Even today, we managed to stay at the park for like half an hour since we couldn't take the windchill. Nearly everyone I met, even my Japanese tutor is complaining about the winter that would just not leave. LOL

At least, even though Spring isn't here yet, the good news is many shops already started to sell winter coats at discounted prices. So it is the time to shop for next years winter clothings. For me, it's time to shop for cardigans. Love this baby pink cardigan by Free People. I love cardigans.

Though I'm saving up for an electronic Japanese-English dictionary, but when I saw the 20-30% discounts on the clothes I really feel tempted to buy. Perhaps it is time to buy a new coat. :D

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