Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White tiger shaolin kungfu.

I don't think I've written here about my husband doing shaolin kungfu sometime ago have I? :) Well he did. Until he had a knee joint injury. He had to take joint health supplements for more than a year and stop kungfu and extreme exercises. I really thought it was cool that he could do kung fu. :)

Anyhow the school he went to is the "feher tigris" or White Tiger shaolin kungfu association. and below is a demo video of the si-heng or the teacher from the school. I'm not sure but I think he is the same guy who taught my husband.

If I have son, I'd send him to learn Kung Fu... :D


si Dyah said...


So sorry that your husband can no longer do all the 'stunts'.

I asked my Aqila to choose from taking music lesson, art n craft class, swimming or martial arts class. He chose art and craft. I guess he is a lover not a fighter! hahahaha

Syari said...

Well that is his interests so it is better to let him do what he likes better right? Further when I saw his drawings, I think he has talent in art.

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