Friday, April 23, 2010

Another weekend

Been nearly two weeks since I last updated this blog. I was busy with other things and not feeling too well either - having a cold and horrible coughing. Though we are in the wonderful spring season right now, it is still isn't as warm as most of us would like it to be. Still have to go around in spring coat at times. It was 8 degrees celcius this morning when we sent Bonnie to kindergarten. It is around this time also it is difficult to figure out what we should really wear. If dress up too much, in the end you'd have to take off your coat and carry it around in your arms. If wear to lightly, then you'd end up like me, having cold and coughing. Life isn't perfect I know...

There'll be an event at Bonnie's kindy tomorrow. "Family Day". There are activities that the parents can join. Maybe Mr. H will play football with the other dads. I just want to be the photographer as usual. On Sunday, we may go to my mother-in-law's weekend house in Gödöllö (hope I spelt that correctly). She said that she did some renovation to the place not too long ago. So checking it out. I wish she'd install one of those outdoor fireplaces that are becoming popular these days. Saw a few out on display at OBI last Tuesday. Well, it ain't my weekend house, but if I had one, I'd like one of those definitely. :)

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