Monday, April 26, 2010

Family day.

For me at times week days can be a lot more relaxing than in the weekends. Well, on week days I only go tutoring, pick up Bonnie from kindergarten and the rest of the days I would be at home by myself - accept for the 3-4 days that Mr. H is working from home.

On Saturday there was a Family day event. There were about 5-6 other parents who came from Bonnie's group. Not many came. Understandbly some of them have 3-4 other children. Unlike us, we only have Bonnie so it's easier for us to go.

There are a few activities that were prepared. The children would have to complete 3 activities - catch fish, hit the cans, and build blocks. After completing each activity, they will be given a sticker to paste on the activity pamphlet. They have free medical screening too for one of the parents. So Mr. H went to do some tests. For that he got 2 smiley stickers to paste on the pamphlet. Once done we submit it. Not sure what's the point of it though, suppose to be getting some sort of certificate later. Other than than Bonnie played at the playground most of the time.

I on the other hand take more pictures of the kindergarten.

The toilets and the sinks were all 'little people' sized. So cute... :)

I suppose it was a tiring day for everyone that day. Beats even the best sleeping pill. Just put the head on the pillow and off we go to the 'land of nod'. :)

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