Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Gödöllö.

So last Sunday we went to Gödöllö to check out my mom-in-law's weekend house. To see that everything is okay, and help clean the place a little, while Bonnie can enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and play.

Heh, got to check out the gps system on the mobile phone too. Was cool, would be great for Europe tour someday. :D

The house isn't big but nice. 2 bedrooms,living room and a kitchen. However, my mil doesn't like to go there. But my fil, if the weather is good, he'd stay there for weeks.

 Big garden

Grassy path

After working and playing a bit, we had a little outdoor picnic. It was great. :)


The weekend was quite well spent I think. If not for this cold I have, it would have been perfect. To make it worse, there's a pimple right inside my right nostril. Grrr... Was agonizing when I need to blow my nose and having the pimple there, making it really darn painful. Somebody just got to come up with the ultimate treatment for adult acne. Use once and pimple or acne free for life. LOL Oh well, at least the pimple didn't grow right on top of my nose. That would have made it even more worse.

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