Thursday, April 29, 2010

What ever.

 Picture of the day - Bugs in the garden.

Last night Bonnie slept at her grandma's place. Second time in 3 years. The first time was when we were moving here. We missed her when she is not around and we are not really used to not having her at home. But it was nice to be able to watch tv together without any interuption. No arguing who her daddy should listen too. LOL Mr. H is a man in demand in the house.

This Saturday will go visit my father in law in Pestlorincs. I am not sure that I am too happy about it. Not that I'm not happy to see him and his wife. Just felt like we are going and spending time with other people every weekend these past weeks instead of going somewhere to relax just the 3 of us. Oh well. At least Bonnie would have some fun there. She loves collecting the snails in the garden. Can't deprive her of all that fun right? :) I remember myself as a kid collecting grasshoppers and used golf balls right along the small golf club near our house.The little pleasures in life. LOL

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