Thursday, April 08, 2010

Who would have thought...

Yesterday was the due date for the library books to be returned to the Japanese Foundation.  Despite my feeling a little lazy to go, I manage to get myself to go there, thinking happy thoughts about borrowing more. :p

When I arrived there, I saw the librarian was the same girl who keyed in my library books 2 weeks ago. She looked different. I realized she cut her hair shorter - shoulder length. I complimented on how nice her new hairstyle looked. She looked surprised and stared at me. Then, as if waking up from some sort of trance she smiled and said, "oh that's a different girl". Now it was my turn to be surprised. "We are twins", she continued.

Now who would have thought... identical twins working at the same place on different days. :) If she didn't tell, I wouldn't have known. I can imagine, what  fun they must have had to be able to play tricks on people. I know I would if I had a twin.

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