Sunday, May 23, 2010

Before Mp3s.

I was taking out some VCDs for us to watch from boxes that were stored away when I came across a few of my old cassettes. I listened to some of them over and over when I drove to and from the work place everyday, and some way back in my university days. Suddenly I had the urge to listen to them that I had to dig around the store room for my old walkmen. (Are they walkmen or walkmans?? hmmm )

I had about 3-4 walkmen, but these two were the best walkmen I ever had.

Bought it sometime in year 2000, first year of university. Bought this together with my dear mother. Comes complete with built in speakers and microphone. Got spoilt once. Sent it for repair and got it to work and still working well till now. The walkman reminds me of my late mother.

Got this one as a valentine's day present in 2002 from Mr.H who was then my fiance. Used this walkman a lot as you can see the signs of wear on the walkman. :) Digital walkman with remote control. Listened to it as I studied or when I tried to put myself to sleep every night.

They sure bring back memories... :) I don't think they sell walkmen anymore do they?


comey_lote said...

yg 2nd gambar tu kira canggih habis dah time tu kan?

Dyah said...

Hey...ship one to me so i can listen to my old javanese gamelan cassettes! :-)

I found them just yesterday while i was packing my (ancient) stuff, and i have no player to play them :-/

Sultana said...

Ida, ha ah... digital walkman masa tu kira canggih le.. hehehe

Dyah, if there aren't any fond memories link to them, I'd give them away. Even if they don't work I'd still keep them. I'm a sentimental junk collector. LOL

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