Sunday, May 09, 2010

Getting organized.

We went to mil's place to have a simple birthday celebration for my fil. He's 67 today. Hope he will have many more to come. :) After that, we left Bonnie with her grandparents and 3 other cousins, and went to OBI to buy some items for home. I got myself an organizer cabinet that look something like this.

Except that, mine is slightly smaller- 23 compartments. I need to get my sewing and crocheting tools organized. I just want to avoid the frustration I used to get when ever I felt like making something and I couldn't find the things I needed. Yes, I am that unorganized. (^^)


Bonnie and daddy is off for swimming along with her cousins, uncle and grandma. So home alone to do the organizing in peace, and tidy up. Glad that the weather is just nice. The home ventilation isn't that good so the windows are all open wide for the fresh air to come in. Feeling wonderful. (^^)

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