Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had a crappy day today. Or rather felt real down in the dumps. One of those depressive days that I can't help but feel like lying down and never to wake up anymore. Die. I even posted something on Facebook about what I felt. :) Now that I am feeling better I feel it silly.  I am such a spur of the moment type of person.

I really don't know why when such feelings come, nothing good in the world would make me feel otherwise at that particular moment. I don't lack in anything.  Even with the idea that we may be going to Croatia this summer or prospects of seeing Vienna end of this year wouldn't make me feel better.I doubt a diamond carrot dangled in front of me would make bounce back to cheerfulness.

When Bonnie came back from spending time at her grandma's, she showered me with kisses. So sweet, sweet kisses. Best cure in the world for mommy's depression.

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