Thursday, May 20, 2010


2 days ago there were only 1 or 2 peas that sprouted. Now there are more and more of them breaking through the surface. I suppose it took roughly a week for them to do that from the time Bonnie and I sowed them. Bonnie was pretty excited. She has been my little helper since day one and helped me to water them when ever there was no rain. Next move is to find some sticks or slim poles and poke them into the soil next to each plant. They are creepers so those poles are for the plant to creep on. If everything goes well, we will be having our own homegrown peas by July or August. (^^)


Bonnie slept at her grandma's place last evening. I was hesitant but she wanted so. It was really silent when she wasn't at home. Felt it almost unnatural. :) Missed her so much that I also went with her daddy to pick her up at grandma in the morning and sent her to kindergarten together. But I don't find it too silent or miss her that much day time when she's in kindy. :D

Now, I'm killing time reading some articles about top ten fuel efficient cars on Later prepare myself and go to teach Malay.

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