Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things today.

Today's extracurricular (^^)activities were cleaning up the pill box, checking out my pea plants and clay craft project.

I don't remember when was the last time I did a clean up of the pill box. Some expired aspirins, prenatal vitamins and regular vitamins thrown out.

Then check out my green pea sprouts. Well, actually I already have some planted in containers and pots. But these are just back ups, just in case the ones I planted are bad. These are dried peas I got from OBI, put in between two wet facial cottons. They sprouted within a couple of days.

Later, did a simple clay craft with Bonnie. Bought a packet of air dry clay from the craft store last week.

Bonnie's snowman. (^^)

And her snake. Then she asked me to complete the rest.

My love bear. :)With some beads from Bonnie for the initials.

Made two bears, a snowman, kisvakond (little mole) and a slim snake. :) Let them air dry minimum 24 hours, then let's see whether we can paint them.

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