Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trasportation museum.

Both Bonnie and daddy just left for swimming. In between tasks of checking out the soup cooking in the kitchen, reading about treatment for hemorrhoids for a pregnant friend, and processing some Raw picture files, I blog. :)

Last weekend we went to the Transportation museum or the Közlekedési Muzeum, which is just a stone's throw away from our place. Just near the Varosliget. For a family combination ticket, 2 adults and 2 children (too bad we only have one child.. :) ) it cost us about 2900 Ft. People are not allowed to take pictures but if they want they can pay for the permission to take pictures which cost about 1000 Ft.

Photographer pass

You can bet I took a lot of pictures, but I will only put up a few here. :) There are a few different sections that we checked out - the motorbike sections, cars, locomotive, coaches, and the history of vehicles. With Bonnie we could only just go through cause she wasn't really that interested. I love museums. Told Mr. H, I love old things... maybe that's why I married him. Ha ha... I was pulling his legs. He isn't that much older than me.


For me it was fun to look at the vehicles. Imagining the people who drove or rode on them.

Other than the pictures, we took back a couple of self made sovenirs, made out of 5 Ft coins. Put in 100 Ft and a 5 Ft coin into the minting machine, turn the handle clock wise and voila...

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