Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Finally really summer.

It has been extremely warm these past couple of days. It's nice to be able to hang the clothes to dry outside for a change. :) Finally able to off the heaters and out with the 'ventilator' or fans.

So what's our plan for this summer holidays? We may be going to Croatia for a week. And another week somewhere else. Going to Croatia with father in law and his wife. Or rather spend time there together since they may go there earlier than us. Well, that is the plan if things go as we expect them to be. Have to see whether Mr. H's leave is approved or not.

Heh, pretty excited though. :)


Dyah Ayu Wanodyasari said...

The mil said the temperature in Eger the other day was 42 degrees. Heh, it's never even that hot here!

Funny that it always rains here, although it's supposed to be dry season.

Sultana said...

Some parts along the Danube are flooded. A bit strange weather we are having nowadays.

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