Friday, June 18, 2010


Ever since the World cup started we've been watching football every single day. Fortunately it is one sport that both my husband and I love. Any particular team that we are rooting for? Not really. We watch for the love of the game. We choose which team to support at the beginning of each game. That way we don't pick and choose what match worth to watch. For us all are worth watching. :)

Mr. H plays football too sometimes with his collegues. They would book a school field to play on. I have never seen Mr. H playing though. Maybe one day.


Ayu said...

Oh, I quit being a fan because of ppl like Cristiano Ronaldo. Yuck.


I was crazy about Italian football though, back in 1994 :p

Sultana said...

Why? What's wrong with him? I'm not a fan. In fact I don't have any favourite football player. But I think he looks handsome. Too bad no good looking players in the Hungarian team. Only the Nemeth boy who is playing in the under 21 team.

True fans love the game not the players. :) People like Ronaldo can stop playing tomorrow, but real football fans would still watch the game with the same ethusiasme with or without him.

Ayu said...

Well then maybe I'm not a true fan :) I think players like him ruin the game. He goes to movie premieres, award show, acting like a superstar on and off the field, hooking up with the the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Actually that's why I didn't like Beckham. But CR7 took it to new low by occasionally hiring prostitutes.

His face is not so bad, but I think fashion police will surely bust him. He's a bit tacky. Though Roberto Baggio's (my fave, all right) famous hairdo wasn't fare better either lol.

Sultana said...

What players do out of the football field I think is their own business. But if they play well that is all what counts in a football match. I never watch football because a certain player is playing. A certain team playing, maybe. As I said, love the game not the players. Players come and go, the game is still the same.

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