Saturday, June 05, 2010

How fast they grow...

I have saved most of the pictures I took of Bonnie as a baby in cds. So I thought I didn't have any of her baby pictures on my laptop. However, I found a folder that I overlooked which contained her pictures when she was 6 months old. (Copied from my old PC) They are pictures took by a friend. So that figures why I didn't realize that the pictures should have been burnt along with the other pictures onto the CD.

Gosh, looking at the pictures made me miss Bonnie as a baby. Not that I don't like her the way she is now. But looking at the pictures made me miss her as a sweet smelling, chubby, bubbly baby... :)  Remember the days when I looked for information on about prenatal supplements, when choosing a name for her, and a few other parenting forums that I was active in for a time.

That's the baby as a kindergartener.Babies grow up fast, don't they?? *sigh* Hmm...

Talking about babies, there is a new rule back home in Malaysia regarding children born to Malaysian women with foreign spouse abroad.Before children born to Malaysian women abroad are not able to get Malaysian citizenship. According to the Malayisan Home Minister, now we can register them to be  Malaysian citizens at the embassy even if we give birth to them outside of Malaysia. provided that both parents must make an appearance in person at the embassy to register.
Okay.... that's good. Fair enough. But this is what I don't like - once application is approved, both parents and child must go to the National Registration Department headquarters to apply citizenship certificate and the MyKid card. Read news here. 

If they really want to help Malaysian women who are married to foreigners, they should do it full heartedly. Why is the extra conditions?? They don't even bother to make amendments to the existing clause in the Constitution which states that citizenship can only  be offered to children if their fathers are Malaysians. Well.. that's patriarchal government for you.


Ayu said...

Haha Bonnie and Adam had similar head shapes when they're babies.

Just last week we met an old lady on the street who said that the person with such head shape would become a millionaire. Amen.

I don't get it about the new rule. Does it mean parents will have to go back to Malaysia to apply for the certificate?

Sultana said...

Ameen. :)

Yeah, something like that. Register the birth at any embassy around the world. But within a year must go back to Malaysia and go to Putra Jaya to collect the birth cert. and myKid (Malaysian children ID card).

Ayu said...

Uh oh...but Bonnie's not affected rite?

Sultana said...

No, she's not effected cause she was born in Malaysia.

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