Saturday, June 19, 2010

In a holiday mood.

Making a list of things to bring, packing the luggages, jump in the car and drive away.... *sigh* I'm so in the mood of going on a holiday. When the weather is so good outside (without the rain and occassional storm sometimes) I really feel like doing something different, seeing different things.

School holiday has already started here since mid of last week. Bonnie will not go to kindergarten starting from next week. She will be with her daddy on days when he works from home and the rest she'd be with grandma. While I will be going for tutoring Mondays to Thursdays. Till students go off on their vacations. They already have plans for Summer all set.

My Japanese teacher has gone to Australia for 2 weeks. But we had a replacement teacher last evening. Next Friday he won't be in Budapest too though. You see why I feel so much like going off on a holiday myself too? :)

Haven't got any answers whether 2 weeks of holiday is approved. July and August are popular months for people to take holidays. With most of Mr.H's colleagues having children as well and all asking for leave around the same time, it's understandable why the boss is having a hard time approving. :) Well, let's see. Worse comes to worst we can still go to Nograd and spend one weekend at a family weekend house.

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