Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Our car.

Our car for an hour. We rented this bicycle car (I'm not sure what to call it) at the Városliget a week ago. Once we rented a car like this on margit sziget but the car was battery operated so no hard work pedalling.  The bicycle car has two pedals and instead of a handle bar there's a steering wheel and a hand brake that looks like a car gear. :) They even have a bigger version with 4 pedals and the smallest ones are for children.

My view. :)

It was really a nice way to go around the park with a child. We didn't have to hear her whining of how tiring it is to walk. :)  Further it is something that we don't do everyday. But I hated the hilly parts. LOL I have not pedalled a bicycle for years. Although two of us, Mr. H and I worked together, but it was still tough. Do I need alli or hoodia or clinicallix to burn my fat?? I just need to ride one of these once a week to ride around the park. :D

After twenty minutes of going around, we stopped to enjoy one of the best icecreams that I've ever tasted. :) Went around the park a bit more afterwards, later went back to where we started, paid the rent, and said bye bye to our car.

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