Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainy season.

I never would have thought that we can have rainy season in Hungary. But, yes, indeed that is what we are having right now. It has been raining the whole day. In fact for the past week it has been raining every day. Sometime rather heavily. My shoes would be soaking wet everytime I come back from classes. So much so I am thinking of getting a pair of rain boots.

Instead of complaining about how hot the weather is, now we can complain about how chilly it is. And it's mid June!! Well, I'm not really complaining actually. At least this kind of weather reminds me of back home in Malaysia. :) And the flowers are benefiting somewhat.

Picture taken with my phone camera, on my way back home from class today. Flowers are growing in abundant by the roadside.

As long as it isn't storm... I'm fine with rain. In fact I love rainy days...


Dyah said...


There was flashfloods in Central Singapore last week. The affected area was...unfortunately Orchard, the shopping belt! It was up to 1 metre high!wa Alamaaak!

Care to handpick Massimo Dutti and Hermes Birkin Bags floating around? :-)

Sultana said...

Yeah I read about it. :D There flashfloods everywhere I think. Even here in certain areas in Budapest, especially near the Danube river. People had to be evacuated.

Huh, really? designer items floating around?? LOL waah... should hang out around Orchard road then when there is flash flood. he he he

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