Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bedtime reading.

I bought this book a few months ago. But started to read it only recently.  I first read one of Kahlil Gibran's popular works - The Prophet - when I was 14 or 15 and love it ever since. The book was actually banned in Malaysia since 1992. Glad my father caught hold of a copy before it was banned. But then, what's the point of banning when people can still read it over the internet nowadays? :) Further, I have no idea why it was banned. As if M'sians aren't intellectually mature enough to think and decide for themselves.

I think the banned books are the ones that people would be most interested in reading. When I first came to Hungary, I caught hold of another controvesial banned book. One of the reasons I feel blessed being in Hungary. :)


si Dyah said...


I have not read this book, must be good ya.
Must also find time to read my ever-growing pile of unread books, before i get hold of this work frm Mr Gibran ;-(

Have you read the works of the late Pramoedya A. Toer? THey are beautiful, and they used to be banned in my country, as the writer talks about the reality of the political situation in my country around 60's. The turmoil decades of the history of our nation.

He was only recognized for his work several years before he passed away in 2006. Such a waste of rare talent by the government, i must say. Even the world had acknowledged his works much earlier.

Maybe, kita bisa saling bertukar buku ya? hehe

Sultana said...

Dyah, if you want to read Gibran's work, I suggest you start with 'The prophet'. :) Can readi it online.

Thanks for the recommendation too. I am looking for his books right now. :)Hoping to find something.

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