Monday, July 19, 2010

Fish suppose to have eyes.

The majority of Hungarians I've asked would say that they don't really like fish. Most of them told me that they only eat fish on Christmas eve in the form of 'Halaszle' (Hungarian fisherman soup) or fish sticks. Is it safe to say that Hungarians in general don't like fish or seafood? I know, I know, we shouldn't generalize. But I suppose, since Hungary is landlock, the only type of fish they could find in abundance was fresh water fish. So they don't really eat seafood.

But I think things are changing, since these past year or so, there are more and more seafood being imported. Frozen of course. Compared to before, they are becoming cheaper too. Being like many Hungarians I know,Bonnie is having a hard time getting used to eating squid, prawns, mussels, and fish. Since the only fish she'd eat was fish sticks.

 Recently, when I was preparing fish for dinner, she came and asked me whether it's real fish and curious how come the fish didn't have eyes. Well, of course since I've chopped the head off. LOL So according to Ms. Curious,her definition of real fish is that they are supposed to have eyes. :p

I had a good laugh. :) When ever I cook fish I know I will think of her interesting conclusion about 'real fish'.


Ayu said...

Haha she's so adorable. But I agree with you, they don't eat seafood. My mil is even disgusted of prawns, she doesn't even dare to touch them...cooked and all.

Talk about funny comments, I remember the first time I showed Zsolt fresh coconut (on the tree) long time ago, he had similar comment like Bonnie. He said, in Hungary, coconuts were brown and hairy :p

Anyways, happy birthday Syari :) What did you get this time? :D

si Dyah said...


I thought Hungarian dont like to eat whole fish...that is why you chopped the head off.

I dont know how to cook fish except to deep-fried or grill them. And Aqila is still allergic to fish...sigh...

How are you Syari? Pardon me for not being able to visit your blog lately!

Sultana said...

Ayu, Thank you. :) I got some money this time. And also Sims 3 expansion packs.

Dyah, I'm doing fine thanks. I will be doing my rounds of visiting friends' blogs too now. He he he.

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