Monday, July 05, 2010

School hols.

Bonnie is with me everyday now. So when ever I go to tutor I'd take her along. Nowadays it's easier compared to when she was younger. So while I check homeworks and help pupil memorizing verbs, she'd be colouring away, drawing or looking at picture books.

Here she is holding a baby python. Not such a good quality picture since took it using her mp3 player.(Well, at least better than my phone camera). One of my pupil's pet snakes. She doesn't look confident in the picture, but she wasn't afraid, maybe felt awkward since she didn't know how to hold it. Better than me at least since I would only touch them with one fingertip.

We would come back around lunch time. I'd prepare a simple lunch, while she plays, then eat and put her down for a nap. Then it's time for watching some Japanese drama, or youtube clips or play Sims 3. :) I'm addicted to the game alright. Just love renovating and decorating with new things every few days. Spending my salary on Savoy house like lightings, cool modern Ikea like furnitures, Sony big flatscreen tv, and new wallpaper every other day.

Okay, those are the activities most of the time.  Can't be playing and watch dramas this week though since a test is coming up this Friday for my Japanese class. Not too afraid with the grammar, just the Kanjis (Chinese characters) are killing me.


Ayu said...

Bonnie's on holiday there and here adam will start his school soon :p It's just enrichment class for once a week though. But at least he gets to play with other kids then :)

How did you teach Bonnie to be so brave BTW? I wouldn't want to see snakes even in pictures.

Sultana said...

Salam Ayu, heh I forgot to reply your other comment... I will reply after this one.

Good that Adam goes for classes, you get to make friends too. That's cool.

I never taught her to be brave. She loves animals. I just never scare her like my mom used to do to me with cotton balls. Until now I won't ever touch a fluffy animal. LOL

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