Friday, July 09, 2010


So I survived the test. :) Didn't expect it to be a long one but it was. By the time we finished, there was only 10-15 minutes left for lessons. Just lucky that there were only about 50 over kanji characters. But as the list of kanji characters grows, I have a feeling that the coming tests won't be as easy as the one we had today.

Now... after all those memorizing all week and (all day today) I think I deserve a game of sims before bed. :) Why is it an addicting game for me? Well, it is because you can see results immediately. Just work consistently, keep your sims happy. They get promoted and a pay raise, sooner or later they become wealthy. Which isn't like reality. Just like exercising too. In the game you exercise and you see yourself slimmer in days. Why isn't that so in real life?? If it so, I suppose, quick weightloss supplement like orovo, clinicallix and noxycut wouldn't be in high demand would they? :) Gee... if only life is a lot simpler like in the Sims. hmm...

Tomorrow we will go to Mogyorod. Visiting brother in law (younger brother) and his family. My father in law, his sister and his wife will be joining us as well. Going to meet little Jacint. :)


Ayu said...

Wah Syari, what will you do after completing your course? Maybe you should translate Japanese dramas to Hungarian :p

Too bad I've forgotten almost everything I learned in my Japanese class. Shame on me.

Sultana said...

Not sure what's I'll do with it once I can speak the language. At least for now people can't tell me I just stay at home and do nothing. :D

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