Thursday, July 08, 2010

Test tomorrow.

Even at this age, I still get nervous when ever there is a test.Not a big deal, it is just a small test for my Japanese class that consists of only 2 students. :p hmmm.We are currently using a text book called Genki. There are Genki I and II. At the moment we are still on book I at Lesson 10.

I told my teacher, I felt that we are going rather slow. Well, as far as I knew even my sole classmate felt the same way too. But according to my teacher, we are doing pretty well. Not wanting to bad mouth or anything (I'm just using her words here. He he), seems like we are doing a lot better than the beginner class conducted in Hungarian in the weekends. We are doing waaay better as she put it and that I should count my lucky stars for not insisting on joining that class.

So you see that's why I feel there's some sort of a pressure to do well for the test. Don't want to flop. Not after listening to how the teacher praised us. ( I just wonder whether they use the same pressure tactic in the other class by telling what a couple of doofus we are, my classmate and I ) LOL

Good thing for me I consider myself quite fortunate to be able to lose weight with a little stress or pressure. These two are a very good combination than any fat burner pills to help me lose weight. hah!

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