Monday, August 23, 2010

At night.

A couple of ex-colleagues from M'sia decided to tour Eastern Europe. One happens to be a rather close friend of mine, so she suggested to come to Budapest to meet up with us.

So the night we took them out for dinner at a Turkish restaurant and drive them around to see some parts of the city, I took these pictures.

The city does look pretty remarkble at night.


si Dyah said...

Aaah...what a beautiful city! Cantik sekali :-)

My version of Singapore at night is still yet to come. Just realised that i seldom go out to town at nights hehehe.

Thinking of watching the Formula 1 night race that is coming up this Sept. The view of the city on this occasion is quite spectacular.

Sultana said...

Dyah, I seldom go out to the city at night too. Just that since we were taking my friends around I had the opportunity to see it.

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