Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back home.

We were away in Nograd for few days. This is in fact our second day at home. Borinnnggg. he he he. It was nicer there. A house in a small village in ketbodony. Living next door to a farmer who has ducks, chickens and sheep. So it was somewhat educational for Bonnie.

Though I haven't been blogging here for quite some time, there are things that I'd like to share here. Just didn't have the mood to blog. Well, we wanted to go to Croatia, but Mr. H had to go for a small operation soon as possible so had to cancel the Croatia trip. He had a rather big patch of mole that needed to be removed. Suspected not to be a normal mole but 'melanoma'. Hopefully it isn't something so serious.

Once he did the operation, it wasn't easy for him to drive due to the stitches right in the middle of his chest. So we stayed at home a few days. When he got better, that's when we went visiting places nearby. So just a summary here first. Pictures and videos will follow later.

We went to Tropikarium. Located somewhere in district 22 (will need to check that). If you can guess by the name of the place, it is a place where you can see tropical animals. There is also a big aquarium where you can see underwater fish - sharks, ray fish, clown fish etc. Third big aquarium we've been to so far - Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Budapest.

We visited Visegrad. A castle ruin of Matyas kiraly (King Matthias). We also went over to Slovakia to visit the Modry Kamen old mansion ruin. Then there was a whole day excursion to the world heritage Hungarian village of Holloko. There too we went to visit the Holloko castle ruin. From all the ruins I collected  small piece of stones that were part of the buildings. :) Good thing those days they didn't build metal building. They wouldn't last hundred of years I suppose. So I'm collecting a piece of small stone from every ruin I visited. Just a beginning collection, but I'm hoping to see more castle ruins around Europe. Just like having a piece of history. :) Mr. H said, if I keep on collecting, sure would be a heavy collection to take along when we move. :D

I will have to edit (make the files smaller) the pictures and videos. Will share them here soon.

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