Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Castle Visegrád.

 Visegrad is a castle town located in Pest. Took us about an hour's drive roughly from our place. The castle may not be the most magnificent, but the view was amazing from up on the hill. They sure knew where to build a castle. :) I really like the name of the place. As if it came out of one of J.R.R Tolkien's books. Even King Matthias's wifes name was rather fancy. Beatrix of Aragon. Perhaps Tolkien got his ideas for names from places and people like these. :)

I've edited and compiled some of the videos taken at Visegrad. Here's the short video I've made.

There is also a palace or Matthias corvinus turned museum at the foot of the hill. It was found in ruins but they renovated it  to replicate its original state in the times of King Matthias. The renovation is still on going.

The palace.

Replica of King Matthias 15th century fountain.

The King's small garden.

The family enjoyed the visit thoroughly. The view was splendid that any picture or videos however beautifully taken can never give justice to how nice it was to look over the Danube from up there. :) Just got to go there for yourself to experience it.


I told Mr. H, how nice it would be to go on a tour on a motorhome around Europe just to visit old castles. Would be a dream come true. :) But can depend on Mr. H to 'pinch' me back into reality talking about how expensive it would be to maintain a motorhome with the parking problems, petrol and motorhome repairs. Well, nevertheless, there are still people who are adventurous enough to own and drive one around on tour. Saw quite a few on the road. Some of them I'm sure came for the F1 race at the Hungaroring.


Ayu said...

I had the same impression when I read/heard old Hungarian names :) In fact, Tolkien was inspired by Finnish language and folklore in his works. And as we know, some say that Finnish and Hungarian are related--though I'm not sure whether it's true :D

Sultana said...

Yeah I heard that too. Finno-Ugric or something. Some Hungarians don't believe the theory. Interestingly there are many Hungarian words that are similar to Malay. Like, vasar - Pasar, Bacsi - pakcik and others. There's even a book written about it... 'The legacy of the Barang People'

Anonymous said...

Haha that's right. I also found many similar words to Javanese, and especially the same character in our alphabets, a, which is not common in any other languages :)

The view in the video you made was breathtaking. Too bad I didn't get to travel so much while we're in Hungary.

Sultana said...

Ayu, you can check out some of the places when you come for a visit here. :)

si Dyah said...

Oh oh...i hope someday i would be able to visit you and this place too Syari :-)
Maybe with Ayu and her family LOL

Judging from the look of the castle, it was built around 1400-1500?

Sultana said...

Dyah, it was first built in the end of the 14th century. Added and renovated till the 15th century by the Hungarian kings.

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